Dear Prospective Rushee,

          On behalf of the Phi Chi Theta Zeta Chapter, we want to be the first to welcome you to our fraternity’s website to learn more about our rush process and what we have to offer. This site will provide you with a sneak peek into our chapter's values, goals, and culture.

          The foundations of our fraternity are professionalism, innovation, and most importantly, brotherhood. If you choose to rush, I encourage you to reach out to our brothers and meet the talented individuals who contribute to the success of the Zeta Chapter.

          As a fraternity, Phi Chi Theta is dedicated to each brother's personal and professional growth. Our goal is to help you become the best professional possible. Phi Chi Theta offers a range of resources such as extensive networks, workshops, and teams that will help you maximize your potential as a young professional. 

          This semester, we have chosen the theme “Phi Chi Theta is…” because being apart of Phi Chi Theta has helped each brother in a unique way.

          I hope this is informative and you decide to take your next steps, here with us at Phi Chi Theta Zeta Chapter.

Darrien Tan & Eugene Kim

VP of Recruitment | Fall 2017